Take a museum tour with a Kansas City Limousine

Take a museum tour with a Kansas City Limousine

Kansas City is known by many names. While the city calls itself the Heart of America, it is also known as the home of swing and bebop musicians like Charlie Parker. Still others raise Kansas City as the City of Fountain. One of the less famous but equally loved treasures in this city is its wonderful assortment of museums, from the First World War to American jazz and baseball. There is actually no better way to spend a day in Kansas City than to visit some of its best and most popular museums.

Taking a limousine trip in Kansas City

Kansas City has historic back yards, live boulevards and more fountains than any city in the world besides Rome. Taking a limousine tour through Kansas City can be a great way to sit back and enjoy the sights of this city, soak in its musical and cultural history and explore the reasons why KC is one of the most popular relocation centers for families across America. A limousine tour can offer unrivaled convenience and style, and prices are relatively affordable, especially for those traveling in groups.

If you are considering taking a limousine tour through Kansas City, one of the best and most memorable ways to spend your time is to take a tour of the citys museums. Kansas Citys museums are as eclectic and versatile as their history, and taking a limousine tour can be a great way to visit many museums in a short period of time. With a limousine, guests do not have to worry about traffic, parking or finding public transport and can avail of their drivers experience and guidance to start.

A limousine tour through or any city requires detailed planning. Tourists are often amazed at the variety and richness of Kansas Citys museums, and may find it challenging to choose the best to visit. Following are four museums that deserve a place on any KC-travelers itinerary, enabling you to get the most out of your Kansas City limousine trip:

National World War I Museum

Without a doubt, the most famous KC Museum, the National World War I Museum at Liberty Memorial, is unique throughout America for its commitment to the preservation of World War II history and artifacts. This Kansas City gem is one of the worlds largest WWI museums, combining an extensive collection of state-of-the-art interactive technologies that will fascinate even the most uninterested traveler. The personal items of World War Nurses and Soldiers are particularly effective in bringing history to life, and the center of the museum offers a wonderful view of Kansas Citys silhouette.

Negro Leagues Baseball Museum

This museum should be on the itinerary for all visitors interested in American culture, history, baseball or civil rights movement. Dictation to preserve the story of African American baseball, this museum is a relatively new but already very popular place because of its collection, organization and interactive technology. The museum is housed with the American jazz museum, which is not on the list but is a great place to visit for music lovers and jazz shops. Negro Leagues Baseball Museum also has a website where visitors can read more about current exhibitions. A limousine will seem particularly comfortable here, as the neighborhood can be a bit confusing for visitors.

Arabia Steamboat Museum

On the Grand Boulevard, visitors can enter the mythical story of Kansas Citys border life at the Arabia Steamboat Museum. This museum is a love breeze of blue buns Kansas Families dug up Arabia Steamboat which dropped 1856 and made it famous for that reason. The story of this endeavor is as convincing as the relics recovered from the boats wreck and provide a rich and fascinating account of life in the 19th century and the Kansas City spirit. That the collection has been created and maintained carefully by regular families gives it the heart and warmth that rarely exist in most museums. The museum also has a website.

Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art is not only known for its extensive art collection but also an incredible architecture, which received the highest ranking on Time Magazines 2007 list of 10 Best (New and Future) Architectural Landmarks worldwide. The museum boasts highly rated collections of European and Asian art and is home to the entire Hallmark photography collection dating back to 1839. The most famous and appealing part of the museum can be its sculpture park, which includes a wonderful collection of works by many luminary sculptors. Of particular interest is the Shuttlecocks collection, a large sculpture exhibition of oversized shuttles. Entrance to the museum is free of charge. Visitors can take their time to walk around the museums galleries and then relax and reflect in the comfort of their limousine.

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