How to Pack for an Arctic Cruise in the U.S

How to Pack for an Arctic Cruise in the U.S

Well, any Arctic cruise enthusiast will tell you that you will have to gear up with the 1-2-3-4 layers for the Arctic travel expedition in the United States. The first layer, the base, which consists of fabrics that can cover your limbs and comfortable enough to wear all day long, will help stimulate your body heat and trap it next to your body while absorbing moisture to keep you warm and dry.

The second most vital layer for your Arctic tours is the in-between layer which consists of a reliable pair of warm leggings and a long-sleeve top to wear above your base layer. You can also have a stretchy turtle jumper or fleece and a couple of winter pants, or insulated expedition trousers if your tolerance to the cold is not as high as you predicted.

You will then have to ensure you have the outer shell, which is the most crucial part in any Antarctica cruise. These will be mostly windproof, waterproof expedition jackets and pants that are long enough to cover your back and ankles. The outer layer will help keep you warm. However, you need to ensure that it’s not too padded and bulky, or you won’t be able to move much.

Another essential element to pack will be some flexible, sturdy, insulated and comfortable, rubber-soled expedition boots for the heavy snow in your Antarctica tours.

However, even with the padded and bulky attire, you will need some light clothes for the onboard luxury Antarctica cruise.

All in all, comfort should be your priority, but you should remember that, at times, spotting a pod of whales or a Polar Bear floating on ice can last merely a minute. So you need to be always ready!

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