The Jesuits - The Secret Army of the Papacy

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The Jesuits
The Secret Army of the Papacy
by Shaun Willcock
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                                                                     From the Back Cover:

The New Testament abounds with warnings of wolves in sheep’s clothing: men pretending to be part of the flock of Christ, but in reality wolves disguised as sheep, ministers of Satan pretending to be ministers of righteousness, infiltrating the churches of Christ and bent on destroying them.

For centuries a ruthless, cunning, secret army has served the global conquest objectives of the Roman Papacy: the Jesuit Order.  This is the most diabolical of all Roman Catholic orders; the most fanatical, the most dangerous.  It stops at nothing in the relentless pursuit of its goal: to destroy all enemies of the Papacy, and to enchain the world to the feet of the pope of Rome.  History is filled with evidence of Jesuit intrigue, deception, duplicity, plots, murders and attempted murders, etc.  And against Protestantism, in particular, the Jesuits have always directed their energies, by infiltration of Protestant churches, posing as Protestant ministers, undermining the true faith, sowing discord and heresy, and a whole host of evil schemes.  The shocking state of professing Protestant “Christendom” today is ample testimony that they have been all too successful.

This is a time when so little is known of the Jesuits, and yet so much needs to be known.  And this is the purpose of this book.



                                                                    From the Introduction:

The Roman Catholic Jesuit Order, which also arrogantly calls itself the “Society of Jesus”, is little known, much less understood, today.  And yet, not very long ago, this organisation was so well known, that “Jesuitical” was a most derogatory term; the Order was outlawed from almost every Roman Catholic nation; and it was feared and loathed by the inhabitants of all enlightened nations.


 Why was this the case?  What vile doctrines did the members of this Order hold, and what evil deeds, had they committed, to cause such universal reactions against them?

And furthermore: the Jesuits are still here; they are still going strong; they have not altered their doctrines, nor repented of their wicked deeds – in fact, they continue to perpetrate them; they remain what they have ever been – the “secret army of the Papacy”, ruthlessly dedicated to the advancement of the Roman Catholic religion, the domination of the world, and the total destruction of Protestantism!  They are the most dangerous Order of priests within the Roman Catholic religion, and indeed, the most dangerous organisation of men the world has ever known.

Every Christian, as well as every Roman Catholic, needs to be well-informed about the Jesuits and their doings: the Christian, because the Jesuits are the sworn enemies of the Gospel of Christ, and of the Church of the living God (and thus of Christ Himself, for to persecute His Church is to persecute the Lord – Acts 9:5); and the Roman Catholic, because it is his “Church” (so-called), the Roman Catholic “Church”, that harbours this diabolical Order, and that blesses its efforts as it goes about its abominable work; and this being so, Roman Catholicism cannot be the Church of Jesus Christ...

Historian Edmond Paris, writing in ‘The Secret History of the Jesuits’, made the following pertinent remarks: “There is another reason [for writing against the Jesuits].... At the same time as new generations of readers come, new generations of Jesuits come to light.  And these work today with the same tortuous and tenacious methods, which so often in the past set to work the defensive reflexes of nations and governments.  The sons of Loyola are today – and may we say more than ever – the leading wing of the Roman Church.  As well, if not better disguised than of old, they remain... the discreet but efficacious agents of the Holy See throughout the world, the camouflaged champions of its politics, the ‘secret army of the Papacy’.  For this reason, the subject of the Jesuits will never be exhausted and... every epoch will have the duty to add a few pages to it, to mark the continuity of this occult system started four centuries ago ‘for the greater glory of God’, but in fact for the glory of the pope.”

This book is designed to “add a few pages” to the literature concerning the Jesuits.



About the Author:

Shaun Willcock is a minister of the Gospel.  He runs Bible Based Ministries, the purpose of which is to teach the Word of God, and to expose and biblically refute Roman Catholicism, its “daughter” institutions, its assaults upon the Christian faith and the Christian Church, and the various Popish trappings to be found even amongst true Christians.  He is the author of a number of books, and various other publications.




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